Veteran’s Mental Health: Gonzalo Duran Panelist

Commissioner for NYC Veteran Services and NYC 1st Lady

I was recently invited to be a panelist by the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater at the Bronx’s Pregones Theater. The event was sponsored by Thrive NYC and the Mayor’s Office with participates from the Bronx Veterans Affairs, Bronx Borough Presidents Office and Bronx Vet Center.

As an advocate for Veterans as the CEO of Devil Dog USA, it was my honor to speak regarding the state of mental health care in New York City. I had the privilege to give a first hand view along with representatives from the Vet Center, Veteran Affairs Hospital and the Mayor’s Office. 

Over the years Devil Dog USA, Inc. has provided networking events for Veterans returning home to help them reintegrate back into their communities, along with a 22 Hugs-A-Day campaign (#22HugsADay) in the hope to lower the suicide rate among Veterans and collaborate with national resources in a combined effort to work with Veterans and service organizations so that these resources are available in the Bronx. 

I hope in the years to come to help build unique programs like this event in order to grow a connection between the Veteran and civilian community. I was truly grateful to be among my peers in such a diverse group of attendees.

Please take the time to view the video below and I truly recommend you seek out the Theater of War’s AJAX and the series. 

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