We have a huge problem when our children reach the high school and college level that is rarely discussed. Each one is failing to prepare students for the other. We try to correct this by throwing money at the problem, creating only more problems because there is a disproportion of those getting the funds compared to the ones who need it. Upper management wastes spending or poorly manages it. Gonzalo believes that improvements are needed along with stronger oversight on the funds distributed. 

  • There are many programs through non-profits which are overlooked by the city, these can be integrated into the educational system as supplemental for learning and to add towards after school programming.
  • Class sizes are important and should be kept at a reasonable level.
  • There should be a decreased emphasis on standardized testing. Standardized testing has taken over the curriculum where learning is heavily interrupted. Failing to accurately assess the quality of education, these tests only end up leaving both students and teachers anxious and frustrated.