Dear Candidates: Our Next Council Members

I’d like to be the first to congratulate these front-runners who will be either entering as city council members or continuing their current reign.

This might seem like sarcasm but let me explain. Right now only a few select candidates are dominating in the realm of publicity with store fronts covered in campaign signs, one to two stories in the media per week, and the luxury items needed to run a successful campaign.

Why? Because they have been chosen to win by the Bronx machine. For us to break the cycle of the system in place we need to find new and unique way to promote ourselves because of the grip the current system has on the media and public. I’d like to see some changes in the coming years with different members that have not been pre selected by the party majority.

The first battle we face is not being divided by pride or competition which only leads us to be conquered each election cycle. Us newcomers, grassroots candidates, and independents have enough to fight against when coming up established candidates, the last thing we need is to fight among ourselves. Look at the amount of money being generated by council district’s with 3 to 10 candidates against one candidate that is chosen by the democratic party. It is unfortunate that those votes, which could put a huge roadblock into the machines plan, is wasted in the end.

I know we all have the same goal, which is to make the changes that the ones in place are not doing unless it benefits them. To those interested, over the years I have worked on building new ideas and if you would like to collaborate, reach out to me here: contact   

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