It is no secret that rents are on the rise in the Bronx and many people throughout the 15th Council District notice all of the new buildings popping up that claim to be “affordable housing”. Developers cash in on this trend by allowing a very small portion of the new housing to be affordable while the rest is considered luxury. The end result of this is only going to displace many residents as rents will increase. If the trend continues, it is possible that within the next 10 years, the only people who will be able to live in the Bronx will be the wealthy or those on public assistance.  

Gonzalo plans to fight hard against these trends.

  • Add in stronger regulations directed towards developers when building housing.
  • Give residents a stronger voice in new housing developments as well as giving priority to current residents in need of affordable housing.
  • Encourage landlords to cap rent at an affordable level. Build stronger legislation to protect residents from landlords who drastically raise the rent.
  • Protect the rights and needs of senior and disabled tenants. Ensure that all apartment buildings and NYCHA housing comply with the regulations that ensure the safety of the disabled and senior population.