How Can You Contribute To Someone’s Political Campaign

There are many forms which you may help someone who is running for office. You can volunteer, provide a financial contribution or in-kind contribution. I will use myself as an example in this scenario, since I am running for office. My name is Gonzalo Duran and I am running for New York City Council, Bronx District 17 for the 2023 election.

1. Volunteer:

  • You can volunteer to be a key position in someones campaign. For example their campaign manager, treasurer, volunteer coordinator, and so on. You can even help them get signatures for their campaign, which is a vital part to get someone on the ballot for the primary elections.

If you would like to volunteer for my campaign, feel free to reach out to me by email at

2. Financially:

  • You can support them by credit card via the platform Contribute.

You can contribute to my campaign by clicking on the link below.

  • You can support them by filling out their Contribution Card.

You can contribute to my campaign by filling out the information and giving it to me in person or sending it to me. If you want to send me a Contribution Card, reach out to me by email at

  • You can provide them an in-kind contribution. This means you provide a service or good to them with your own funds. Examples of in-kind contributions are giving them snacks, water or print outs of petitions. In-kind contribution still must be recorded.

If you would like to provide me with an in-kind contribution, feel free to message me by email at for more information.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me by email at

Dinner 2/3/2023

I love shrimp but I’m not crazy about cooking shrimp. To make my life easier, this past month. I have been using frozen shrimp and I just straight thaw it while I cook it.

It’s overall fine but it’s just missing that freshness taste. This week, I will thaw it first and then cook it. Let’s see how it goes.

Do you only cook fresh raw shrimp or frozen? What are your thoughts?

The Riverdale Press: Gonzalo Duran Plays Santa

Before operating as the CEO of Devil Dog USA Incorporated, I was a father trying to give my children a good memory by playing Santa Claus for Christmas. Once I came home from the service, I continued that tradition for the neighborhood children. Once I became a CEO, I started doing it for anyone who asked but focused my attention to those that needed it most in the community.

This past Christmas season, I played Santa 15 times. Besides holding Toy Drives to help other organizations, I also lobbied for our organization’s Christmas event. Our specific event catered more towards the homeless and those in shelters. Our goal was to give them a good memory.

We used the Military, Veterans, and the community all working together to give those families in need, a good holiday memory, a lovely time and a Christmas to remember.

The family pictured asked us to use it. Photo by Today’s Pixel

Click here to read more about my 15 year Santa Program.

Originally Posted by the Riverdale Press

By Gary Larkin

God, Country, Corps And The Bronx

My whole adult life has been in service of God, Country, and Corps. These pillars have resulted in all my success and my few failures; which are still achievements but below my standards.

Yet my whole life is an accumulation of who, what, and where I am from. These simple principles have guided me along my path.

I am Gonzalo Duran, born and raised in the Bronx. I am a proud Bronxite.


Press Release January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023

Press Contact: Theresa Kemp or Gonzalo Duran

                                    A Fresh Voice for Bronx City Council

            Longtime community Veteran advocate Gonzalo Duran launches City Council campaign

Bronx, NY – Gonzalo Duran announced the official launch of his candidacy for New York City Bronx Council, vowing to stand against developers and to improve the district for its residents. Duran, CEO of Devil Dog USA Incorporated, a nonprofit in the Bronx, will highlight his positions for creating better job growth, forming stronger regulations on building developments, and his plan on combating homelessness.

“Our community needs to be built stronger with local businesses, residents and outside resources working simultaneously while our community takes the lead. I have implemented programs and initiatives on small, localized scales to large national platforms with little funds so that it can reach local Veterans. While the focus of my work has been towards the mental, physical, and economic needs of Veterans, I have worked with non-Veterans as well and can implement these skills to benefit all community members.”

Duran, an advocate for increasing resources for the local residents, has pledged to take a 50% pay deduction in order to hire more staff for community outreach and programs. Additionally, he will not accept contributions from special interest groups. “I define leadership as leading by example. There is a huge lack of leadership within the Bronx political system.” said Duran. “In the past, few years there have been many disturbing examples of this with elected officials approving their own absurd pay raise, political favoritism instead of allowing constituents to vote on candidates and raising our taxes. This is going on while important issues like the decline in community safety, increasing affordable housing, improving employment, health and recreational programs are ignored.”

In announcing his platforms, Duran spoke briefly about the controversial issue on gentrification throughout the Bronx: “Now we live in a period of renewal but in actuality our new buildings are not affordable for us and the increase in malls are only producing low-wage jobs with little chance in career growth or financial stability.” Along with housing, Duran’s other platforms will focus on increased long-term employment, better education, improving public safety, providing access to healthier foods as well as care, combating homelessness, and advocating for more laws to protect animals.

For more information about Duran, along with further details on issues that are important to voters, please visit