Intro. 1259 Bill Passed But The Fight Isn’t Over

Recently NYC Veterans Alliance championed to bring Intro. 1259 into fruition, which will help by, “Veterans and military will now have local recourse when landlords and employers discriminate against them. NYC government will now be on the hook to ensure that New Yorkers know they can’t ask discriminatory questions in job interviews and housing applications…”

For years I have been battling to bring awareness to the public on the various issues arising from realtors, brokers and landlords not allowing Veterans to use their educational benefits for housing. 

I am truly happy NYC Veterans Alliance has passed this bill but like many of the Human Rights Laws we have in NYC the problem continues regardless of the enactments placed on select groups.

My goal has always been to educate realtors, brokers and landlords on why it is in their best interest to rent to Veterans. I will leave off with these two quick statements:

1 – Our housing stipend is over $3,800 for every 30 days of school we attend. That means if we attend school for nine months out of the year, that equals more than $34,000.  

2 – Our educational benefit is not a disability or charity gift but a right earned from our service. This will help us reintegrate back into society with the opportunity for higher prospects in employment. For the time being this is our “employment”.  


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