Burn Pits – Has Heart

For over 10 years, I have been advocating on the burn pits in the Iraq War. I have been spreading knowledge regarding the burn pits through my self design t- shirts. They are specifically designed to address the invisible wounds the burn pits has caused many services members.

“Has Heart” is a Michigan based organization who uses fashion to give Veterans the ability to take a stance on subjects that matter to them. Through their Hero Series, Sergeant Gonzalo Duran was chosen to represent the “Invisible Wounds” and the burn pit subject matter.

This shirt represents years of heartache in the Veteran community. Sergeant Duran wears it proudly and has used it to speak to the masses. From political members to business owners, or anyone willing to listen.

For more information on Has Heart, the Hero Series, and to purchase a shirt yourself. Click on the image below: