The Bronx has been last on the list of healthiest counties in New York State for years now. Causes for this are many and require a powerful lens to determine how to fix this. It started with current elected officials selling out our health at the cost of generating more attractions and revenue for tourists. As Councilman, Gonzalo believes that access is one of the main solutions to this issue. Ways to help increase Bronx resident’s health:

  • Bring in more green / farmer markets while putting aside more funding for vouchers (Health Bucks for SNAP/EBT) to those on public assistance so that they can have more access to healthier foods.
  • Limit the number of fast food restaurants that over-populate disadvantaged areas.
  • Start education on healthy living by bringing in educational programs to schools like cooking and nutritional based classes. Support programs already established, such as the Green City Force program that teaches NYCHA residents to farm in their own complexes. 
  • Locate areas that are “food deserts” (neighborhoods that have little access to healthy foods) to deny bids by fast food corporations who want to add new store fronts while giving priority to supermarkets that promise to provide the neighborhood with healthy, affordable food.