Like most districts, residents in the 15th Council District outweigh the number of police officers. With changes in the economy, more housing and a lesser quality of life, there is an increase in crime that leaves a huge burden for New York’s Finest to serve. These issues are compounded by the continuing disconnect between the police and the public. As Councilman, Gonzalo knows that while there is a need to increase the NYPD workforce, this is only one part of the solution.

  • Increase the amount of NYPD and surveillance to areas with high crime rates.
  • Bring back cops to ‘walk the beat’ so that they get to know the individuals in the area they patrol.
  • Create and implement youth programs to foster a relationship between police and community members.
  • Encourage non-profits to provide safe spaces for youth in the area so that they can have a safe place to go to after school.
  • Open up communication between the police and community members through forums and town halls.