Petitioning In The Bronx – Is It A Waste?

Another great day of petitioning around the 15th Council District, I enjoyed speaking with residents and gaining their support on running for City Council.   

Taking every chance I could to speak with local residents regarding their concerns with the decline of the community. Many individuals shared their stories of knowing others who have participated in campaigns or have had family run for office and the struggles they faced.

A large concern I heard repeatedly from residents was their knowledge of the Democratic Party’s tactics. The example that kept coming up the most is that they will contest all signatures gathered by petitioners. Why? Just to eliminate any competition. 

Regardless of that fact, it was great working with my volunteers and getting to know my communities better. Every now and then I get to speak to  a fellow Veteran where we reminisce on our service. 

Is petitioning in the Bronx a waste? I do not believe so.

I stand outside by train stations, knock on doors, go house to house and swing by events for signatures because I hope to make the ballot for City Council District 15 for 2017.

If I do not win this year, you can believe I am already preparing for the following election.  

If you would like to particle in our petitioning campaign please reach out to us here

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