Bronx Businesses Deserve Better

You can walk down any street in the 15th District and easily see two or three business closed.  Why? That’s because we have had representatives focused on lowering our community by ignoring them causing it to depreciate over the years. Now they are selling those spaces off to large corporations and pushing out our local merchants.

My father and I both had business in the 15th District. My father ran a store and a barbershop for over twenty years before he passed away in 2010. I ran Devil Dog USA, a Veteran non-profit for two and a half years across the street from his barbershop in his memory.

I remember growing up with a drawing by the Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation that was titled, Bronx “Little Italy”. It lists all of the businesses in the Belmont area. The photo hangs in my kitchen and I have always wanted my business on it one day. But, as time passed, the drawing is almost unrecognizable because so many businesses have rapidly disappeared.

Over the years I have done my best to promote the Bronx in a positive outlook nationally and citywide. I have worked to bring resources from all over the U.S. into the Bronx while making the Bronx a focal point in any business transactions.

I know for a fact that I could help buildup the local economy with new and unique programs geared at increasing local merchants visibility and strengthening their brand throughout the borough and beyond.  

For information on my platform on employment click here

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