Dinner 2/3/2023

I love shrimp but I’m not crazy about cooking shrimp. To make my life easier, this past month. I have been using frozen shrimp and I just straight thaw it while I cook it.

It’s overall fine but it’s just missing that freshness taste. This week, I will thaw it first and then cook it. Let’s see how it goes.

Do you only cook fresh raw shrimp or frozen? What are your thoughts?

Dinner 2/2/2023

Tonight a fellow neighbor made a donation for my chef services.

Tonight’s menu was steak with caramelized onions and garlic. Salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Corn infused with parmesan and butternut squash with a hint of coconut.

Dinner 1/22/2023

I know, I probably shouldn’t be making spaghetti before my 1st run of the year tomorrow but I figured I’d get some carbs in.

So I had two plates, don’t judge me!

Spaghetti is Veronica’s (my daughter) favorite dish. So whenever i make it, I try to make it the best meal I ever made. So far, I’ve never disappointed her or anyone else.

I didn’t make a salad because I think it’s weird to eat spaghetti with a salad. How about you?

The Tastiest Treats In The Bronx

Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing a treat from Rebecca’s Sweets & Spices while volunteering at a local vendors popup at Confetti Party Place 3190 Westchester Ave. Bronx, NY.

As the event was closing, Rebecca offered me a plastic jar of treats. I thanked her but told her, “I don’t eat that much sweets”. She insisted and I told her, I would eat it with my friends one day and my mother the next. She chuckled and we both thanked each other.

As I ate my treats through the week, I was so enamored with the jar of coconut bites. I don’t even like coconut! So, I was surprised with my 1st bite and throughly enjoyed it all the way to my last. Check out her menu below:

Now that I told you about my Sweets & Spices’ experience, let me tell you a bit about the woman behind the magic.

Rebecca Huertas is the youngest of three girls. She was born on May 19th, 1973 on the Lower East Side of New York City, to Lydia Diaz and Benjamin Huertas. Her parents were very influential. They always encouraged a commitment to excellence and having a champion spirit. Her family still plays a strong role in the success of the business today with its strong Puerto Rican heritage, alongside of growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and being exposed to many cultures, makes this business venture an avenue of truly getting back to family basics, and creating a product that would raise a person’s endorphins with a true nostalgic experience.

In 2016, Rebecca landed her first major client, Trump Golf Links, at Ferry Point, Bronx, NY. Rebecca established herself as the dessert provider for their dessert menu. She also became the official pastry vendor for Judy Torres “No Reason to Cry” off Broadway show at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre in New York City, and participated in Bronx YMCA Flea Market and Summer Extravaganza in 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, as Rebecca gained recognition, she was contacted by Telon Washington, the Casting Associate Producer for Food Networks Baking Championship in April 2017 and was extended an invitation in becoming a participant on the show. Although Rebecca did not participate in this event, she was humbled and honored to be recognized.

Rebecca continued her journey and began participating in Markets and Events such as The Hester Street Fair in 2017, Confetti Party Place Bronx NY “Sip and Paint” events 2017 and 2018, “Ugly Sweater Coquito” event 2016 and 2017, Jacobi Medical Center food vendor events in 2017, and the Northeast Bronx Community Farmers Market Project in 2017.

Tahai Addae from the Bronx River Alliance also contacted Ms. Huertas, and in July 2018 Rebecca provided her pastries at their Black-Tie affair for the 20 Elite Bronx Zoo Member/Donators.

In 2019 Rebecca was surprised with an award for best tasting desserts at the 12 th Annual Allerton International Food Festival. Rebecca also participated in Marina Del Rey NAICA 45 Years Celebration Gala, Bronx Fashion Week Holiday Market at the mall at Bay Plaza, Salsa En El Barrio, the Hester Street Fair.

Today Rebecca’s Sweets and Spices is a regular vendor with The Northeast Bronx Community Farmers Market, and the business has participated in their various events including Gun Hill Brewery, Bronx Museum, Confetti Party Place, and Brady Community Court.

Rebecca’s dream has surely left memorable moments for both herself, her sponsors, new clients and her regular clientele, and she managed to accomplish all this while raising her young son Chase, who is now 10 years old. This remarkable woman makes you wonder, “what can’t she do?” as she dazzles your taste buds with the freshest ingredients, making everything from scratch, and ensuring that every product that leaves her kitchen is sampled and surveyed to provide the best for her customers, because after all the experience must be memorable. So, take a moment to visit this cozy place in your mind as your taste bud’s dance. I promise there is something on her menu that will bring you a true nostalgic experience.

To contact Rebecca:
(646) 246-3899

Dinner 1/21/2023

I love shrimp but I don’t like to cook shrimp. If you defrost it, it smells. If you buy it fresh, it’s slimy. If you aren’t paying attention, it can over cook real easily. Now if you cook it frozen, I think it comes out juicer. Plus if you season it just before the liquid is sucked back in/evaporates, I believe it gives it a stronger concentrated flavor.

Included in tonight’s dinner is boiled corn and my regular salad (cucumbers, a mix of greens and cherry tomatoes with French dressing).

Dinner 1/17/2023

On my mission to make my chicken meals better, this is my 2nd straight chicken meal this week and I plan for a lot more to come.

Obviously steam veggies lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber salad.

Today’s chicken dish is seasoned with basic ingredients but my hand slipped with the smoked paprika. I sautéed it in red peppers, yellow onions, soy sauce and honey!

It was delicious!

What did you make for dinner?

My Review Of Fiorentina Steakhouse

I’ll get straight to the point, it was delicious. The steak was cooked perfectly, the atmosphere was delightful, the staff was pleasant, and most importantly plus surprisingly. The sides gave the main dish something to be worried about.

I spent an hour and half finishing my porterhouse with corn cream brûlée. While I was there, at least 3 people mentioned out loud, how good the corn brûlée was to the manger.

There are a few things I didn’t care for but it has no bearing to the meal preparation, just my preference. The steak is charred on the top, since they use infrared heating to cook, it will always turn out like that.

I look forward to my next meal there.

Dinner 1/9/23

Center cut pork chops, sweet corn infused with parmesan cheese and a simple cucumber, tomato, mixed greens salad.