American Grill – Crowned the Best Grill House in the Bronx

Each visit to American Grill in the Bronx has consistently left me not just satisfied but downright enamored with the exquisite culinary experiences it offers. Their motto may be “just good food,” but I dare say it is nothing short of exceptional!

Nestled within the business district of Melrose, amidst shopping plazas, government offices, a plethora of Spanish eateries, and countless apartment buildings, American Grill stands out with the enticing aroma of succulent grilling. Seating is limited at the Bronx location but I have never encountered difficulty finding a spot during my four visits over the past six months. Many patrons prefer takeout, relishing these delectable dishes in the comfort of their homes, just a few blocks away, as one customer shared with me. Additionally, their catering service has propelled them to multiple locations nationwide and even overseas, creating a chain of restaurants and franchising opportunities.

Before declaring any establishment as the best, I meticulously assess various similar venues, visit repeatedly, and do so incognito. My aim is to capture the essence of the place, evaluate the hospitality, and, most importantly, savor the cuisine.

During these four visits, I indulged in their steaks, wings, burgers, nonalcoholic beverages, desserts, and several sides. While I am not much of a drinker, I observed that those who did were highly content. The staff radiates warmth and hospitality, and the ambiance brings to mind the feeling of being at home, eagerly anticipating your next meal.

One item I have yet to experience is the Thanos Burger, a mammoth creation consisting of four pounds of Angus ground beef, cheese, and bacon. Picture the most colossal, tantalizing burger imaginable. They extend a challenge to anyone: finish it within twenty minutes, and it is free; otherwise, it is a $135 endeavor. I plan to embrace this challenge, perhaps with a couple of comrades, just in case.

What adds a remarkable touch to this story is the owner, Hector Cruz, a former United States Marine and engineer by profession. He founded American Grill out of his passion for high-quality food, and his work ethic and strategic business expansion attest to his military background. Notably, they offer discounts to military personnel and veterans.

Considering the plethora of delectable meals I have savored, I wholeheartedly declare American Grill the finest grill house in the Bronx.

I always recommend calling ahead for their operating hours. You can find American Grill in the Bronx at 2987 3rd Avenue, reachable at (718) 585-6978, and visit their website at

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