Why I would take a 50% pay cut for my City Council seat

In early 2016 the base pay for City Council went from $112,000 to $148,500. Almost double the pay of a New York State Senator and includes benefits of additional stipends with joining committees.

Now this pay raise was decided on and voted by the council members themselves. What does this tell New Yorkers? That they truly have little respect for us.

While the average New Yorker is struggling to keep a roof over their heads and have decent paying jobs, they’re only concerned with filling their pockets.

Why would they have the guts to do something like this; that is because they know they will be voted in regardless. The only way we can change this to show them that we are sick and tired of their arrogance is by changing the status quo on them.

I know a few will criticize regarding some members not voting but an omission of a negative doesn’t make a positive. Their was no champion of the people, with regards to how many of us were disgusted by the pay increase. 

If you review my first paragraph on my webpage and press release, I pledge to take a 50% pay cut in order to hire additional workers and will only seek a seat in the Veterans and Housing committees.

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