Happy Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day

On this day, we commemorate both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day.

Today, we find joy in our celebrations, but it’s also an opportunity to reflect on our shared history, viewing it from multiple perspectives.

For far too long, we have honored a day that symbolizes the birth of our nation while overlooking the complex story of its foundation.

We must recognize that the indigenous peoples of this land have their own, often more somber narrative.

As one nation, we share this land and its history, and each of us may designate this day differently based on our location, identity, and beliefs.

As proud Americans, we acknowledge that our history, like that of any nation, is far from flawless. To progress as a society, we must come together, engage in dialogue, and seek common ground through compromise.

I extend my wishes for a meaningful day of celebration, regardless of which observance you hold dear. Let us approach this day with respect for its diverse meanings and with a desire for unity as a nation.

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