City Council Candidate Gonzalo Duran Press Release Sep 2023


September 16, 2023

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 A Fresh Voice for Bronx City Council

Gonzalo Duran has successfully advanced to the general elections for a City Council seat in District 17 on his second campaign attempt

Bronx, NY – “I am thrilled to have reached the general elections. This marks my third official bid for an elected office position. This year posed unique challenges coming out of the pandemic, but I’ve spent years building a strong foundation, and it has paid off,” said Duran.

Duran, the Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated, a nonprofit in the Bronx, has maintained his community involvement while campaigning. “I made a deliberate choice not to reduce my community work during the campaign. The issues we face locally are interconnected with the challenges at the city level,” Duran explained.

He continues to stand by his commitment to take a 50% pay reduction if elected, with the intention of reallocating those funds to hire additional staff for outreach and programs. “My stance on the pay reduction is a step toward demonstrating leadership. The current performance of those in office does not warrant the pay increase they granted themselves a few years ago,” Duran asserted. “I aim to lead by example, setting a precedent not only for the city council members but also for our constituents. Someone has to take the first step, and as a leader, I am ready to lead and pledge to do so.”

Duran reflected on the long journey that brought him to this point. “From the outset, I committed to myself that I would reach this stage. I knew I would face numerous challenges, especially from opposition. Yet, with a dedicated team and a keen understanding of the city’s political landscape, I knew it was achievable,” he affirmed.

Duran would like to remind everyone that Election Day is on November 7th, with the Early Voting period spanning from October 28th to November 5th.

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