Gonzalo Duran The New Face of the Bronx Conservative Party

On a typical, sunlit afternoon in the South Bronx, Patrick McManus, Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party, and Vice Chairman Gonzalo Duran, who is also a contender for the City Council District 17 seat in November, gathered at Awilda Castro’s residence to discuss politics, collect signatures, and explore future prospects.

For Castro, this visit marked the first instance in years of a conservative representative engaging with her. She was delighted to discover a candidate running in her district, and Chairman McManus’ presence during their lunch added to her joy.

As they discussed her political history within the Party, Duran diligently documented her preferences and concerns, including housing issues related to New York City Housing Authority management delays and ongoing legal cases. In his capacity as an expert case manager, Duran assured her that these issues would be addressed, and assistance provided. Castro even added an extra pork chop to his plate with a warm smile.

Their next stop took them to another part of the South Bronx, where McManus and Duran engaged with Lucia Jimenez, the owner of Tropical Vibe, a nutritional snacks and beverages establishment. Jimenez was enthusiastic to meet Chairman McManus and found her political values closely aligned with the Conservative Party. As they wrapped up their meeting over refreshments, they left behind voter registration cards for future collection.

The day’s final visit introduced them to Christopher Johnson, a staunch conservative who conversed on various topics that might not necessarily resonate with the more liberal conservatives. Johnson, however, understood the diverse perspectives within the party, and both parties left with a deeper understanding of each other’s views and a degree of agreement.

This day marked one of many efforts in the South Bronx to increase membership, secure funding, evaluate potential candidates, and coordinate events for the Bronx Conservative Party.

As the trip concluded, Duran inquired of McManus, “When’s your next available day?” McManus responded, “Let me get some new party business cards, and we’ll set it up.”

If you have any inquiries or wish to converse regarding the following subjects: voter registration, the identification of prospective candidates, fundraising initiatives, or help coordinate possible events, whether in an informal or formal setting, please do not hesitate to reach out to Gonzalo Duran at gonzalodurannyc@gmail.com.

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