Why I Chose to Join the Bronx Conservative Party

My decision to distance myself from the Democratic Party was not taken lightly; it evolved in response to the concerning state of our city.

Over the past few months, as I campaigned for the New York City Council, I observed that many Americans and New Yorkers held the assumption that Democrats primarily championed the interests of the less fortunate, while Republicans were seen as more aligned with the affluent. However, as I dedicated time to research and delved deeper into the political landscape, a broader perspective began to emerge.

It became evident that those in positions of power were increasingly focused on soliciting funds for higher offices, allocating resources inefficiently to achieve their objectives, and diverting tax dollars to corporate entities, all under the guise of progressivism. In reality, there is essentially just one party running New York City, with a select group of aligned Democratic members exercising significant control over the city’s political system, particularly in the Bronx.

This situation was no longer something I could tolerate. While the Republican Party may have a limited presence in the Bronx, primarily serving as a fundraising pool, my intent is not to disparage either party. Rather, these observations reflect common knowledge within Bronx political circles and among community members who remain engaged in the political arena.

The Conservative Party may not have a substantial foothold in the political landscape, but the members I have encountered have a clear vision for improving our city—a vision with which I resonate on many points. While we may not agree on all matters, our alignment is strong enough to warrant their endorsement and my inclusion within their ranks. I see this as an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the party and immerse myself in shaping an organization that encompasses both a new generation of conservatives and long-standing members.

It’s important to note that my departure from the Democratic Party does not signify an abandonment of democracy. My principles remain firmly rooted in serving the people of New York City. Finding common ground to address the city’s challenges is my ultimate objective.

In my third official attempt to secure public office, my goal was clear: to progress beyond the primaries and secure a place in the general elections. This pursuit was fueled by unwavering passion and relentless effort. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party employed a strategy designed to stifle perceived threats to their incumbency.

Now, having gained some momentum and positioned myself for growth, learning, and enhanced preparation, I look forward to what can be achieved with unyielding passion and determination.

If you were to inquire directly about my political stance, I would describe myself as a moderate conservative. Yet, in truth, I am simply a resident of the Bronx, striving to make our borough a better place to live.

Cover Photo by Elianni Tejada

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