January 27, 2024
Gonzalo Duran
(516) 515-0240

From the Office of the Honorable Gonzalo Duran, (C) District Leader 79th Assembly District and Vice Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party

Bronx, New York – The foundation of our democracy lies in active civic engagement at the grassroots level. Local community boards serve as the bedrock of this engagement, where ordinary citizens have the opportunity to shape policies and initiatives that directly impact their neighborhoods.

Yet, too often, these boards are plagued by understaffing and lackluster representation, failing to truly reflect the diverse voices and needs of our communities. This absence of participation stifles progress and perpetuates the status quo, leaving critical issues unaddressed and solutions undiscovered.

As we confront the challenges facing our borough, it is imperative that we step forward and seize the reins of change. By joining your local community board, you become an agent of transformation, wielding the power to advocate for meaningful policies, allocate resources, and foster collaboration among stakeholders.
These boards serve as crucial forums where elected officials and community organizations converge to allocate resources, provide services, and distribute funding. Your involvement is not just an opportunity; it is a civic duty—a responsibility to ensure that our communities thrive and prosper.

I implore you to heed this call to action and submit your application before the March 1, 2024 deadline. Your participation is vital, and your voice matters. If, for any reason, you encounter obstacles in the application process, please share your feedback with us. Together, we will continue to gather data on the pressing community issues that demand our attention and advocacy.

Let us rise to the occasion, united in our commitment to building a brighter future for all residents of our beloved Bronx.


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