Have you recently gone to a job fair that your local politician has sponsored and left empty-handed?

Employment and Finance Workshop

The Bronx is facing an economic challenge. Low-paying jobs are coming in due to our elected officials actively seeking to bring these types of offers to our community, generally through shopping malls, but neglecting the need for long-term employment in which employees have an opportunity to grow and form careers.

To fight this economic dilemma, I believe in small, personal preparations that are individualized. Take a moment to think back to when you went to a job fair or saw a flyer for one… the companies listed are generally big corporations and the line of hopeful job seekers probably stretched down the block. On first glance it would seem that the job fair is successful in attracting so many people over to talk to representatives from these large corporations.

However, have you ever heard or seen the actual number of those hired at the job fair posted afterwards? The answer is probably no. Along with this many job seekers will come away more frustrated because they were told by representatives to “apply online” without an interview taking place and none being scheduled for the future. You will notice there are many job fairs that take place but have you ever questioned: if over a thousand constituents attended but only five were hired, than what was the point?

If the system focuses on only five individuals and three are hired, than money, time and resources would be saved with less work being needed for the remaining individuals that were not hired. However, this is not how the current system operates. This is not to say that job fairs are completely useless but there needs to be a change in how they can truly and effectively help people. 

Lets focus more on preparation verses showboating. My goal as an elected official and with this event is to give people the tools and resources to get a career instead of a job. The tools needed include the proper interview clothing, interview skills, and to understand how to apply for jobs they are qualified for. This also includes empowering the job seeker to ask questions along with establishing a connection with the employer so that everyone is on the same page. The addition of financial knowledge brings together a complete and necessary life resource for people regardless of their employment status.  

Having experience in brining employment resources to individual Bronx Veterans, the numbers of those walking away with a career seem low but they are consistent and growing.      

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  1. Sgt Duran. Great post and I have been to job fairs. As a retired veteran who has applied to over 350 companies, been to three job fairs, and only had three interviews, I know how frustrated it is. My advice would be to research. Research the company you want to work for. I work for Stanley Black and Decker now and I am grateful. I was almost not hired however. The corporate world is interested in numbers and graphs. Lean Six Sigma is what drives production now a days. I would advise your readers to take advantage of the military benefits and get Lean Six Sigma certified before or right after they separate from the military. This will make them more attractive to HR Management.

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