Why I Get My Hair Cut At The Bronx EOC

At SUNY Bronx Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), you’ll find that the Master’s Barber Program has the right price…which is free.

But that’s not what makes this place really unique, it’s that you get to meet interesting men and woman who are pursuing a vocational education for immediate employment. The Bronx has an abundance of barbershops and this tuition free, short-term training makes it an ideal program. 

Before New York Governor Cuomo enacted the educational bill, young adults finishing high school had to worry about the complicated decision of paying for college or going straight to work, or doing both. Those looking to enter college needed to worry about the cost of living and education materials in addition to outrageous loans. This meant that in order to cover the cost of tuition and other expenses, high interest loans would have to be taken out when scholarships or grants either fell short or were not available. With this new bill, it lessens the burden of tuition but the cost for living and materials will still be an issue.

Hence, this is why the EOC’s program is still the most efficient and cost-friendly for students and the taxpayers as well. I personally enjoy getting to know the staff and the new barbers. In our conversations, I get to have an understanding of their needs. Like every other program, funding is a concern but because my funds are that of an average resident, I find other ways to help. Besides promoting them as much as I can, I plan to start collecting simple items in the hopes it will help reduce the money taken away from their budget. The most important and effective approach is letting your city and state representatives know that you support this program and the numerous other programs the Bronx EOC offers.  

For a more in-depth story regarding the men and woman and program details, checkout this great article by Devil Dog USA Inc. Chief Editor, Kathleen Canzoniero “The Little Barber Shop of Dreams“.

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