The Riverdale Press: Gonzalo Duran Plays Santa

Before operating as the CEO of Devil Dog USA Incorporated, I was a father trying to give my children a good memory by playing Santa Claus for Christmas. Once I came home from the service, I continued that tradition for the neighborhood children. Once I became a CEO, I started doing it for anyone who asked but focused my attention to those that needed it most in the community.

This past Christmas season, I played Santa 15 times. Besides holding Toy Drives to help other organizations, I also lobbied for our organization’s Christmas event. Our specific event catered more towards the homeless and those in shelters. Our goal was to give them a good memory.

We used the Military, Veterans, and the community all working together to give those families in need, a good holiday memory, a lovely time and a Christmas to remember.

Click here to read more about my 15 year Santa Program.

Originally Posted by the Riverdale Press by author Gary Larkin

The family pictured asked us to use it. Photo by Today’s Pixel

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