Gonzalo Duran: Announcing My Candidacy for NY Congress – District 15

With the conclusion of the 2024 primary elections, I am proud to announce my official candidacy for New York Congress, representing District 15 in the Bronx.

The journey to this point has been long and challenging. Over the past eight years, I have worked tirelessly to secure a place on the ballot, and I am thrilled to have succeeded in my first two official attempts. Last year, I was dedicated to the City Council race while simultaneously running for District Leader for the 79th Assembly District and subsequently the Vice Chairman position for the Bronx County Conservative Party.

I never imagined I would be on the ballot for Congress, but by working towards securing my City Council campaign, I found myself with the opportunity to run for Congress this year. As a former Democratic member, I tried my best, but their reluctance to allow quality candidates to even petition has been their loss and the Bronx Conservative Party’s gain.

I am eager to demonstrate my capabilities to my supporters and to gain even more support during this campaign. If you would like to help, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact list here.

I would also like to congratulate my fellow Conservative Party members and those with our endorsement who are also running and have made the ballot.

NY Congress

  • Ruben Vargas – 13th
  • Tina Forte – 14th
  • Gonzalo Duran – 15th

United States Senate

  • Mike Sapraicone

State Senate

  • Bernadette Stroud – 32nd
  • Dion Powell – 33rd
  • Edwinna Herrera – 34th
  • Irene Estrada – 36th

State Assembly

  • Elianni Tejada – 77th
  • John Santiago – 78th
  • Emmanuel Findlay – 79th
  • Grace Marrero – 80th
  • Kevin Pazmino – 81st
  • Juan De La Cruz – 82nd
  • Stephanie Liggio – 83rd
  • Tyreek Goodman – 84th
  • Gary Lutz – 85th
  • Darney Rivers – 86th

If you would like to support us in our efforts against the opposition, please consider donating to our Party. These funds will help us spread awareness through media, host events to showcase our candidates, and much more. Donate here.

As always, God bless America!

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