Elianni Tejada: Who’s Your Next President – Trump or Biden?

Elianni Tejada
Conservative Party
District Leader for the 77th District

I’m voting for Trump, and here’s why: Despite his controversies, he remains authentically himself and demonstrates a love for the country, striving to enhance opportunities for its citizens.

Like many other citizens, I am angered by how the system is being managed. On one hand, we have working citizens and immigrants who pay taxes, but if we earn one dime above the poverty level, we don’t qualify for any public assistance. On the other hand, we have migrants being handed everything. As a former legal immigrant and now a citizen, I am very sympathetic to them, but it doesn’t mean our government has to hand them everything.

While many people in the city need public assistance, the representatives in charge are brainstorming ways to help migrants: millions to provide them with shelters (housing), millions to feed them while cutting budgets in other areas such as police, libraries, and schools. As I said, I am very sympathetic, but I can’t stop thinking about the homeless in the streets, subways, and all over the city and how little the people in power are doing to help them.

Meanwhile, the wealthy, including those in government, avoid fair taxation policies. Trump has even called them out, both the process and the people. I haven’t seen anyone so in-your-face and unafraid to take the fight directly to them.

There’s a concerted effort to portray America as welcoming, particularly within Hispanic communities, to garner electoral support.

With constant changes and distractions like the immigration crisis, it’s easy for us to overlook policies that impact us. These politicians like to sweep it all under the table, and we the people suffer.

That’s why I’m supporting Trump this year.

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