Anthony Chiofalo: Who’s Your Next President – Trump or Biden?

Anthony Chiofalo
Business Management Consultant

I am a traditional conservative who will vote for Nikki Haley because she is the only traditional conservative in this race. Donald Trump is neither traditional nor a real conservative. He is a radical populist who, in addition to the 91 indictments against him personally and his obvious character flaws, is supported by some of the worst fascistic and racist elements in this country.

Benjamin Franklin’s quote “a republic, if you can keep it” has taken on a new meaning with the specter of a second (and therefore unfettered) Trump administration. He himself has said as much with his references to the “suspension of the Constitution,” “retribution,” and not-so-veiled threats of political violence (including executing his own “disloyal” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). We know that he wanted to use the Army and National Guard to seize voting machines, crush protesters, and occupy the streets of American cities in 2020. He would create a private army of 250,000 or more to sweep through the country to find and deport migrants and set up large internment camps in Texas for them. All of that is profoundly un-American and therefore, almost by definition, profoundly un-conservative.

Trump has ruined the Republican Party and has destroyed the truly conservative legacy of the great Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan (both of whom are probably turning over in their graves over what has happened to their movement).

Nikki Haley will restore the legacy of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Furthermore, Joe Biden will defeat Trump if the latter is the Republican nominee. And if that happens, it is almost a given that Kamala Harris (an obvious incompetent who is a fellow traveler with the radical left) will ascend to the Presidency. We won’t survive that.

Some polls have Nikki Haley beating Biden by 20+ percentage points, while Biden is neck and neck with Trump.

I don’t like those odds.

Do you?

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