The Pact Act – Why You Should Be Weary

For over 10 years, I have been fighting the controversies of the burn pits. When the PACT Act was passed, I was excited just like all the other Veterans and their families. Then I notice the downfalls of it.

My position as Executive Officer for Devil Dog USA Incorporated allows me to speak to many Veterans across the country. Some of the issues facing us are as follows:

1. The Town Hall meetings are just rhetoric in nature. Just a place for submitting claims.
2. The conditions for the interviews are less than amiable.
3. The claim and interview process seemed to be rushed.

With the track record of the VA and the monumental action taken by congress, we need to stand together and be heard. We will hold them accountable and we want this done the right way.

With the new year ahead of us, myself, Devil Dog USA Inc. and Has Heart will be working together to bring more awareness to these issues.

I hope, I can count on your support too!

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