May 27, 2024
Gonzalo Duran
(516) 515-0240

From the Office of the Honorable Gonzalo Duran, (C) District Leader 79th Assembly District and Vice Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party

Bronx, New York – I would like to address the recent articles attempting to cast a negative light on Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s recent visit to the South Bronx, his second visit during his two presidential campaigns.

In January, the Bronx County Conservative Party officially endorsed former President Trump, being one of the first to do so. In my capacity as the Vice Chairman of the Party, I personally organized the voting event for his endorsement and authored the press release.

Subsequently, I wrote multiple articles featuring individuals from the Bronx who shared their reasons for supporting Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Approximately three months ago, I published an article personally inviting Mr. Trump to the Bronx.

While I did not have direct involvement in bringing the former president to the South Bronx, I like to think I played a small part in manifesting it into reality.

Out of all the places in New York City for Mr. Trump to hold his rally, he chose a location just three blocks from my place of business and home, within my Assembly District (the 79th District) where I serve as the District Leader, and the Congressional District (the 15th District) for which I am the Conservative Party candidate and endorsed by the Republican Party. I was, and am, proud to have him in my backyard.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, I coordinated numerous meetings and voter registration card campaigns in support of his rally.

Although Mr. Trump did not invite me on stage or mention my name, I was honored to attend his event, hear his speech, and engage with both local and visiting constituents.

I believe the responsibility falls more on the event coordinators, who were not affiliated with any Bronx political or organizational entity. It would be beneficial if a unified Bronx coalition, comprised of politicians, community leaders, and constituents, rallied to organize another Trump event in the Bronx, making it even bigger and better.

Despite the attempts by the liberal media to disparage this monumental event, I plan to use the momentum, enjoy the moment, and continue my campaign for Congressional District 15 with pride and joy.

Perhaps this statement might reach his campaign or desk and manifest a meeting with him. Three months ago, people laughed at the idea that the former President would ever come to the South Bronx. Maybe in a turn of events, I will make it to Trump Tower.


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