John Provetto: Who’s Your Next President – Trump or Biden?

John Provetto
Republican Party
Business Owner

That’s a pretty easy question to answer: Donald Trump. Why? I just look at the facts, that’s why. So, let’s lay out the current political landscape:

Trump is leading the Republican field by double digits and will undoubtedly be the Republican nominee for president. Meanwhile, Biden has almost NOTHING to run on except abortion and climate change, which have both taken a backseat to border issues and inflation. So what does he do? He just keeps bashing Trump because Biden has got no record of anything good for the last three years.

So, let’s just look at some of Biden’s claims to fame:

  • Border: A total disaster
  • Inflation: Out of control
  • Afghanistan: 1. 13 heroes killed 2. Left $68 Billion of our equipment behind for the enemy
  • Wars: He’s got two
  • Gas prices: Up to $5.00 under Joe
  • Incompetence: That’s Joe
  • Uniting people: Has divided all of us
  • Fentanyl: Still pouring in

    There’s more! Also, he has weaponized the DOJ, lied about Hunter’s involvement, and most recently received damning responses from the Special Counsel regarding his mental state. Shall I continue???

Joe’s got NOTHING to run on EXCEPT to bash Trump.

Now let’s look at Trump’s four years:

  • Lowest unemployment
  • Record low inflation
  • Energy independence
  • Gas prices below $1.99 a gallon
  • No wars during his presidency
  • More jobs for blacks and Hispanics
  • Rebuild our military
  • Getting the border under control

    The only thing Biden keeps screaming about is abortion and the climate, of which he has no control. The American people care about the invasion at the border, (which, without a doubt, is Biden’s doing, and he’s now trying to blame the Republicans and Trump)! Now with Bidennomics, we’ve had record inflation, of which we are still paying more for everything.

I pray Biden is the Democratic Party’s nominee because most sane people won’t vote for an incompetent fool.

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