Harry Gomez: Who’s Your Next President – Trump or Biden?

Harry Gomez
Independent Party
Director of the Bronx Veteran Political Party

As an Army Veteran, I truly believe in the Office of the President and hold the view that whoever holds that position not only leads our Nation but also greatly influences the rest of the world. That’s why I believe it is everyone’s duty and responsibility to vote. With that being said, in the upcoming election, I’ll be honest and say that as an Independent, I don’t really like any of the candidates running. For me, it’s a matter of choosing the lesser of the “evils” that can get the job done, and for me, that is Nikki Haley.

I feel that President Biden is too focused on being the cool, popular President that he has lost sight of key agendas like National Security, Public Safety, Childhood Education, and Veteran’s Services.

I believe Nikki Haley will address these agendas with less concern for being “woke” and more focus on what benefits the American People as a whole. If Nikki Haley can’t secure her name on the ballot, then I’ll reluctantly throw my support behind former President Donald Trump.

Not because I think he’s necessarily the best man for the job, but when it comes to choosing between two “evils,” I feel he’ll prioritize putting America first over “wokeness.”

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