Gonzalo Duran Speaks at the Bronx Conservative Party Candidate Mixer in the 15th Congressional District

Photo by Christopher Reid. Gonzalo Duran, NY-15 Congressional Candidate addressing to audience.

In a room filled with approximately 50 individuals from across the Bronx in my congressional district, I addressed Republicans, Conservatives, and a few Democrats, all with one simple goal: to demonstrate that we have achieved a structured stability and to share my resolve in running for Congress and making changes in our community.

For those who missed my speech:

“Good evening, friends, neighbors, and distinguished guests,

Thank you all for joining us tonight. It is an honor to stand before you in the heart of the Bronx, a place I am proud to call my home. Tonight, we gather not just as constituents but as a community united by shared values, common ideals, and a collective hope for a better future.

I am here tonight for one reason only: to help bring down the reign of the Democratic machine that has taken advantage of the Bronx for far too long.

The Bronx is not only defined by its rich history and vibrant culture but also by the unwavering perseverance that is embedded within the foundation of this great borough. The deep roots that bond us all together as Bronxites can never and will never be destroyed.

We have been overlooked, ignored, and abandoned. The Bronx has become nothing more than a prop for the political elite to use when trying to advance their careers and fill their pockets. We have seen promises made and broken, our needs disregarded, and our voices silenced. But we are resilient, and we are ready for change.

Built by the hardworking hands of generations before us, our borough has seen its share of ups and downs. Yet through it all, we remain stronger and tougher than ever before.
In recent months, the Bronx has been a significant topic of major political discussions and endless news cycles.

First, it was the flipping of City Council District 13 by Kristy Marmorato, who boldly dismantled a 40-year chokehold of Democratic power. Then, of course, like a jolt of lightning, President Trump touched ground here in the Bronx, electrifying the world and reviving the sense of optimism and patriotism the establishment thought they had erased.

Despite history being made here twice in the same year, the Democratic machine continues to fool itself into thinking that nothing has actually changed. That is fine. Because while the political leadership insists on hiding in the past, it is we who will build the future.

Our vision of a new Bronx—a Bronx where every child has access to quality education, where families can afford to live and thrive, where our streets are safe, and where our economy is strong—is now within our reach more than ever ever.

We need leaders who are not beholden to the political elites and their outsiders, but who are accountable to the people. Leaders who will fight tirelessly for our rights, our needs, and our aspirations. I am here to be that leader. To bring our voice to Congress and to ensure that the Bronx is no longer a forgotten borough, but a focal point of conservative values and ambitious innovation.

Vote for me in November, and I will make it my mission to remind the empty suits in Washington that this is our Bronx, our voice, and our future.

Let’s make history together again!

May God bless all of you here tonight, may God bless the Bronx, and may God bless America.

Thank you.”

I am pleased to say that we had one person register with the Conservative Party by the end of the night.

To make a donation to the cause and my campaign, please use the following link here.

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