Community Heroes: Cindy Bobé

In the vibrant urban landscape of New York City, Cindy Bobé stands as a remarkable figure in the Brooklyn community. Not only does she hold the prominent title of CEO and founder of SpeakLove, but she is also a devoted mother, a spiritual warrior, and the newest certified member of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Guardian Angels.

Bobé’s journey towards joining the Guardian Angels began many years ago when she lived in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan and watched them protecting the parks and trains. Recently, during her humanitarian work with SpeakLove, while distributing essentials like water, peanut butter sandwiches, clothing, and offering prayers to those in need, she encountered members of the Guardian Angels. Recognizable in their signature red berets, jackets, and distinctive uniforms, she was enchanted by their presence. After a series of inquiries and gaining a sense of comfort, she made the decision to seek membership within their ranks.

Although Bobé’s professional background primarily lies in administration, her cheerful spirit and boundless generosity have always been her defining traits. Embracing this new path, she eagerly anticipates the opportunities it presents. Her training process has been extensive, encompassing lessons in conflict resolution, self-defense, and leadership.

In a recent ceremony held at the Brooklyn headquarters office, Bobé graduated alongside more than a dozen other dedicated Guardian Angels members. The event, attended by family and friends, had a backyard barbecue-style atmosphere. Recognizing Bobé’s unique talents in spirituality, the Guardian Angels bestowed upon her the official nickname, “the Prayer Warrior,” a tradition that is reserved for members by their peers once their characteristic traits are seen and given to them out of affection, a title her Captain gave her within two weeks after she began her process.

On Saturdays, you can now spot Bobé patrolling the subways of New York City, contributing to the preservation of public safety. As a member of the Brooklyn chapter, their meeting point is Broadway Junction train station every Saturday at 12 pm. Their routine includes formation, roll call, and a safety briefing before embarking on patrol. Throughout the patrol, they maintain close proximity, ensuring safety in numbers. Bobé is now Second in Command to the Captain, a title she is very proud of and gained through her passion for the work and her leadership abilities.

Should you encounter Bobé or any other Guardian Angels member during their patrol, expressing gratitude for their service is both appreciated and deserved. Their commitment to safeguarding the community is a selfless endeavor that they undertake in their own free time, providing a valuable sense of security in these trying times. Additionally, Bobé stated that the Brooklyn chapter is seeking new recruits to join them in their patrols.

The Guardian Angels boast a rich and storied history not only in New York City but also in various chapters across the nation. They actively seek recruits, ranging from teenagers to adults. More information about this admirable organization can be found on their website at

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