Statement On Assemblyman Blake And Senator Diaz

Recently Assemblyman Michael Blake has been under pressure from the LGBT community for donating to Senator’s Diaz campaign where he will soon be Councilman Diaz again. In response, Assemblyman Blake has rescinded his $1,000 donation and apologized.

Senator Diaz is known for his anti-LGBT stance and has been very vocal about this. However, Assemblyman Blake should not have asked for his donation back simply because of this reason. Instead I will suggest a few other reasons why the Assemblyman should ask for his donation back (and not give any more money in the future).

Senator Ruben Diaz has a poor attendance rating, barely voted on any bills or put new legislation forward. In addition to this the Senator is very familiar with the FBI as his office has been wrapped up in several investigations.

Assemblyman Blake, take your pick on why you are asking for your money back but don’t let the pressure get you there for only one reason, add a few more to it.